Google Search API for .NET 0.1 alpha 6 (support 7 Google Search APIs)

I’m so tired.

You cannot image how tired I am.

It’s not about this project but other things. Everyone will encounter some problems. It’s OK. It will be gone.

I keep working on this project, even I think my brain will bomb at any moment.

It’s nearly finished.

Now I need stop and have a rest. I need more test and response.

I love open source.

Google Search API for .NET is a part of Goolge APIs for .NET project.

This project provides simple, unofficial, .NET Framework APIs for using Google Ajax RestFULL APIs (Search API, Language API etc.)


Provides a simple, unofficial, .NET Framework API for using Google Ajax Search API service.


  • Now support 7 Google Search APIs.
  • CLS compatible. It can be used by any .NET languages (VB.NET, C++/CLI etc.)
Google Search APIs State
Google Web Search API supported
Google Local Search API not support
Google Video Search API supported
Google Blog Search API supported
Google News Search API supported
Google Book Search API supported
Google Image Search API supported
Google Patent Search API supported


  • .NET Framework 2.0 or newer version.

You can download here:

You can visit the site of the project for all downloads, source,  examples and other information.

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3 Responses to “Google Search API for .NET 0.1 alpha 6 (support 7 Google Search APIs)”

  1. Anthony Says:

    Is there some documentation on getting started?

    Anthony 🙂

  2. Alberto Whooper Says:

    I’ve glanced at a number of your entries and I was thinking about if you wanted to swap blog links? I am often looking to swap links with blogs on related topics! I look forward to hearing back from you shortly.

  3. iman darabi Says:

    hi nice job but how can i download source of project not see files seprately in google code?

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