System.Web.HttpUtility for .Net Compact Framework and Sliverlight

I know some one like me wanna use the UrlEncode when he/she code on the .Net Compact Framework or Sliverlight.

Here I copy and fix the code from System.Web.dll via reflector.

Its include all the UrlEncode / UrlDecode and other utility methods.

You can use they in any .Net Frameworks.

Download the c# source code here (both files are needed):




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17 Responses to “System.Web.HttpUtility for .Net Compact Framework and Sliverlight”

  1. vpease Says:

    Thanks bro!

  2. boinst Says:

    You are absolutely the man. This class saved me because I needed this class in .NET 2.0.

  3. Johl Says:

    ur links are cross linked man .. correct em n thnx

  4. ThyLeBo Says:

    thanks Man, good job, and needed …

  5. eSzeL Says:

    if it works, hi5 bro 😉

  6. eSzeL Says:

    Iron9light should be legen… dary!!!

  7. Rinosh Says:

    Thanks for the wonderful work, helped a lot.

  8. Tim Says:

    Can you offer code for them as well? Thanks

  9. Yogesh Says:

    I am yogesh.I am looking for similar work for System.web.cache. if you explain how you refracted then i can help myself

  10. Ajay Says:

    he thanks for such usful code…………..
    but i came across this code when i face a ploblem that when i references the System.web.dll in my smartdevice project and try to deploy the application on device then just because of this web.dll all referincing assemblies are also unneccessarilly copied on device …and evantually deploy get fail..”Error no space on device” (same case on EMULATOR also)

    could u explain why this happens…and is their any emulator setting to set its memmory size to its max..
    its urgent…

  11. System.Web.HttpUtility for .Net Compact Framework « 子系呼噜噜 Says:

    […] 地址:…(需翻墙…) […]

  12. Peter Says:

    Thanks mate, you saved my life! 🙂

  13. Janet Says:

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  14. Finley Says:

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