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Reset your firefox location bar search if it changed by AVG

July 4, 2009

When you install the latest AVG free, it will install two firefox addons, AVG safe search and AVG security toolbar.

Disable them by Tools->Addons, click the Disable on them.

But AVG also change your location bar. When you input some keyword, it used to go to that website directly or search it as keywords by google. Now it becomes yahoo search!!!

If you don’t like yahoo or you just wanna another search engine, you can change by the steps below:

  1. Type “about:config” in the location bar and click “enter”. Now you can see the configuration page for your firefox.
  2. Find out the “keyword.URL” and reset or modify the value.
  3. Close the configuration page. Then your old location bar comes back.

Google Search API for .NET 0.2 beta and Google Translate API for .NET 0.2 beta released

October 8, 2008


No more default http referrer. User must set it as a parameter of constructor.

Delete old Translator and Searcher classes.

Updated comments for better document.


Change all API Using string parameter instead of enum parameter.

Add new Enumeration class and enumerations for API parameters.

The API changed a lot this time. Please let me know whether you like these changes or not.


All codes are refacted (StyleCop format).

Update the APIs to support latest Google APIs.

Now can customize referrer, accept language, API key and timeout times.


Update the supported language list for Google translate api.

Set “” as the default http referrer. (Now you cannot set your own http referrer)

No more v0.2, new features will come with v0.3.

Google APIs for .NET

Provides simple, unofficial, .NET Framework APIs for using Google Ajax RestFULL APIs (Search API, Language API etc.)

How LAZY I am. I should release nearly a month ago.

Indeed, 99+% of source have been finished when I release the Google Search API for .NET 0.1 and Google Translate API for .NET 0.1.1.

I just wait some bugs from the last versioin, so I can do some change.

I do fixed one bug, only one.

Ok, see what’s new.

The new versions are nearly no different for using, but the foundation is changed.

Replace Json.NET 2.0 by Microsoft official WCF.

And implement the HttpUtility, so not need the System.Web any more.

It now support .NET 3.5 sp1 Client Profile.

You can download here:

More in formations, please visit the project’s site:

Google Search API for .NET 0.1 alpha 6 (support 7 Google Search APIs)

June 21, 2008

I’m so tired.

You cannot image how tired I am.

It’s not about this project but other things. Everyone will encounter some problems. It’s OK. It will be gone.

I keep working on this project, even I think my brain will bomb at any moment.

It’s nearly finished.

Now I need stop and have a rest. I need more test and response.

I love open source.

Google Search API for .NET is a part of Goolge APIs for .NET project.

This project provides simple, unofficial, .NET Framework APIs for using Google Ajax RestFULL APIs (Search API, Language API etc.)


Provides a simple, unofficial, .NET Framework API for using Google Ajax Search API service.


  • Now support 7 Google Search APIs.
  • CLS compatible. It can be used by any .NET languages (VB.NET, C++/CLI etc.)
Google Search APIs State
Google Web Search API supported
Google Local Search API not support
Google Video Search API supported
Google Blog Search API supported
Google News Search API supported
Google Book Search API supported
Google Image Search API supported
Google Patent Search API supported


  • .NET Framework 2.0 or newer version.

You can download here:

You can visit the site of the project for all downloads, source,  examples and other information.