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.NET’s CultureInfo do not support all languages in ISO 639-1

July 4, 2009

When I wanna replace the Language enum in Google translate API for .NET, I found that, there are at two three language that Google supported but .NET Framework not.

The Filipino (tl) or Tagalog;

The Maltese (mt).

And the Hebrew, Google use “iw” as the code for its language api, but .NET and ISO 639 use “he”.

Well, where is the Babel?!


Google Search API for .NET 0.2 beta and Google Translate API for .NET 0.2 beta released

October 8, 2008


No more default http referrer. User must set it as a parameter of constructor.

Delete old Translator and Searcher classes.

Updated comments for better document.


Change all API Using string parameter instead of enum parameter.

Add new Enumeration class and enumerations for API parameters.

The API changed a lot this time. Please let me know whether you like these changes or not.


All codes are refacted (StyleCop format).

Update the APIs to support latest Google APIs.

Now can customize referrer, accept language, API key and timeout times.


Update the supported language list for Google translate api.

Set “” as the default http referrer. (Now you cannot set your own http referrer)

No more v0.2, new features will come with v0.3.

Google APIs for .NET

Provides simple, unofficial, .NET Framework APIs for using Google Ajax RestFULL APIs (Search API, Language API etc.)

How LAZY I am. I should release nearly a month ago.

Indeed, 99+% of source have been finished when I release the Google Search API for .NET 0.1 and Google Translate API for .NET 0.1.1.

I just wait some bugs from the last versioin, so I can do some change.

I do fixed one bug, only one.

Ok, see what’s new.

The new versions are nearly no different for using, but the foundation is changed.

Replace Json.NET 2.0 by Microsoft official WCF.

And implement the HttpUtility, so not need the System.Web any more.

It now support .NET 3.5 sp1 Client Profile.

You can download here:

More in formations, please visit the project’s site:

Google Translate API for .NET 0.1 Release!

June 3, 2008

Update 1

Google Translate API for .NET updated to 0.1.1

  • Add more languages.
  • Fixed some bugs.


Now this project is a part of the Google APIs for .NET which include more Google APIs such as Search API etc.

I will never update here anymore.

You can get the latest source code and released files at the Google APIs for .NET.

I’ve just released an updated CLS compatible version of Google Translated API there. (CLS compatible version)


It’s my first Open Source project.

Provides a simple, unofficial, .NET Framework API for using Google Translate.

Support 20+ languages.

It can translate text or html format, and can detect the language of the given text.

Now implement all the function that google has launched.

Example :

class Example
    public static void Main()
        string text = "我喜欢跑步。";
        string translated = Translator.Translate(text, Language.Chinese_Simplified, Language.English);
        // I like running.

More result:

Arabic صور اداة ترجمة.
Bulgarian Google превежда инструмент.
Chinese Simplified Google翻译工具。
Chinese Traditional Google翻譯工具。
Croatian Google Translate tool.
Czech Google přeloží nástroje.
Danish Google oversætter værktøj.
Dutch Google vertalen tool.
English Google translate tool.
Finnish Google kääntää työkalu.
French Outil de traduction Google.
German Google Translate-Tool.
Greek Google μεταφράζει εργαλείο.
Hindi Google अनुवाद उपकरण है .
Italian Google Translate strumento.
Japanese Google翻訳ツールを使用します。
Korean 구글 번역 도구를합니다.
Norwegian Google Translate.
Polish Narzędzie Google tłumaczyć.
Portuguese Traduz Google ferramenta.
Romanian Google traduce instrument.
Russian Google переводит инструмент.
Spanish Traductor Google herramienta.
Swedish Google översätter verktyg
You can download here: